Thursday, 5 November 2015

Spotlight! Ditch Flowers - Amanda Linsmeier

Trouble comes in threes, Grandma CeCe always said…

A baby. Just holding one sets Julia’s heart thumping. She’s wanted a child for so long. When she finally gets pregnant, she’s bursting to tell the world….until a checkup from the doctor confirms a miscarriage.

Julia’s world feels like it’s dissolving. This second tragedy following her father-in-law’s death, shakes her and her husband Greg. To support his mother, they uproot their lives and move to Greg’s childhood home. Under the bright Midwestern sky, Julia can feel a new world and new hope beginning.

But trouble comes in threes, and soon a boy shows up at Julia’s new daycare whose blue eyes and freckled face look eerily like Greg’s. Despite her love for her husband, Julia finds her thoughts haunted by the boy’s face, and she can’t shake the feeling that her husband has a secret.

I am a writer of fiction- both short and long, poetry, and creative non-fiction. You can find me on my website or on Facebook.

I'm also on Twitter.

I love to read, anything from romance to fantasy to women's fiction to YA. Shopping is a guilty pleasure of mine, as well as baking butter-laden desserts, and I have a long-standing dream about traveling to France. My family and I live in the Midwest and enjoy the country life. Lots of sunshine, trees, tractors, and cows in our location.

My next work-in-progress is a retelling of a classic fairytale, for kids. I hope to have it completed by the end of the summer. Until then, I continue to edit, to write, and to read work that inspires me to be a better writer.


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