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Researching Infidelity - Guest Post by Jacki Kelly


Guest Post by Jacki Kelly, author of Going Backwards

The Definition of infidelity is the action or state of being unfaithful to a spouse or other sexual partner.

In both books of the Baptiste Series there is a thread of infidelity. Writing Packed and Ready to Go and Going Backwards was much easier than I initially thought they were going to be. Usually before starting a story I have to spend several hours trolling the library shelves or the web looking for articles or opinions that pertain to my story’s theme.

For these two books I didn’t have to go very far or dig very deep for details or opinions. I’m willing to bet there isn’t an adult in the world who can’t tell you a story about infidelity. The story might be personal or it might have been a friend, a sibling, a co-worker or the couple down the street. Turn on the television on any given night and listen to what’s going on with your favorite television or reality stars, and you’ll hear a story of unfaithfulness.

There have been scores of debates on whether or not monogamy is relevant for today’s couples. I think the proper discussion is what vows are today’s couples taking. Are they vowing to love, honor and cherish until death do they part? Or are they vowing to love honor and cherish as long as it’s fun.

Being with one person for eternity may be hard for some people. It takes a level of courage and determination that not everyone possesses. But every day thousands of people stand before family, friends and clergy and make a promise they aren’t sure they can keep. If you make a promise (vow), than you need to strive to honor it. When it comes to keeping a promise, there is no wiggle room.

Say what you mean and mean what you say. I’m sure there wouldn’t be as many weddings if people were honest about their long term intentions. Imagine being at a wedding and hearing a bride or groom say –I vow to love, honor and cherish for the first few years, after that all bets are off. Who would be surprised several years from now when you hear they’re divorced, or he or she was caught cheating? Who could be mad at someone for telling the truth?

Infidelity is as old as time. It’s not going away. What we need are more people to be truthful with themselves and their partners. Don’t you agree?
Please Pass The Books would like to thank author Jacki Kelly for stopping by and talking to us about her writing process!

Jacki Kelly has been writing since her fourth grade teacher made her keep a journal for a grade. Now she does it to keep track of all the fascinating and heartbreaking moments that life throws our way. Poetry, personal essays, short stories and novels have all occupied space in her heart and her hard drive.

Jacki loves to read almost as much as she likes to write. When she’s not reading or writing, she’s walking her adorable cocker spaniel or on the golf course. Her idea of bliss is squeezing all this stuff into one day. Happy Reading!




The tentacles of infidelity are insidious, running long and deep and destroying everything they touch along the way. Crystal Davis can’t shake the images and whispered conversations she overheard as a child as her parent’s relationship fell apart. As a married woman she finds herself walking in the footsteps she abhors. But once on that path, getting off is not easy and to set her life right may cost her more than she ever imagined.

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I couldn’t hold back the tears. I needed to be strong, rattle off some supporting clich├ęs I’d picked up from some sitcom I’d watched on television - everything is going to turn out okay, this is not the end of the world, a lump doesn’t mean cancer. But I had nothing meaningful to say. I should have gathered her in my arms, stroked her back and let her cry on my shoulder if that’s what she needed.

I couldn’t speak.
I couldn’t breathe.
I was frozen.
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  1. Sounds great, thanks for sharing!

  2. Can't wait to check this one out, thanks for sharing!

  3. Infidelity has always been an interesting topic. Few other areas highlight the egocentric nature of people. Like if you cheat there's always a reason, but if you're cheated on it's a cosmic injustice.