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Oh Ship! Tales of a Cruising Chick and Other Travel Adventures - Lori Moore

Author: Lori Moore
Publisher: Tate Publishing
Pages: 134
Genre: Travel/Humor
Reading Lori A. Moore's true tales of things that happen on the high seas will have you saying, "Oh Ship!"  
From stories of passengers pepper-spraying other passengers to grown men fighting over glass figurines of penguins, you'll laugh until your ribs hurt.

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Oh Ship! is a short compilation of travel clips, written by the globetrotting Lori A Moore. Filled with bite-sized stories, Oh Ship! is less of a traditional book or travelogue, and more of a micro-story collection—easy to pick up for a quick taste of the author's experiences, and delivered with interesting quips at the end of each tale with a handy travel tip.

As a prolific traveler myself, I enjoyed some of Moore's experiences and perspective. We all view the world (and everyone in it) through different sets of eyes, and I understand the outlook will be angled based on our own personal upbringing, culture, and exposure to life outside the one we were raised in. Early on in the read I realized Oh Ship! wasn't really for me...but that doesn't mean it isn't for you. I personally found the tone of many of the stories to be a bit acerbic, to the point (sometimes) of condescension. I know the intent is to be silly and sarcastic, but it went beyond that for me. Moore's perspective rings as generally conservative (ie: some shock over nudity, correlating short haircuts to being mistaken for a lesbian, etc), and that was where I felt like I needed to jump ship.

But here's why you might not:

Oh Ship! will definitely appeal to more conventional cruisers over the backpacking explorers—as it well should. There is a great deal of difference between those who enjoy hitting "a country per day" on a dreamliner, and those who prefer to immerse themselves in a single spot for longer periods. My grandmother, a retired travel agent, has toured most of the world as a cruiser, and this is a book I would absolutely get her as a Christmas gift. For me, it didn't tickle my fancy in the same way it would her. That, again, boils down to perspective—and Lori A Moore does a pretty darn good job portraying her own in Oh Ship!.

I rate this THREE STARS, but Gran would probably give it FIVE. So let's say FOUR, shall we?

Thank you to Pump Up Your Book and the author for providing a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review, which this is.
Book Excerpt:
          As security was escorting the middle-aged woman from the second floor of the formal dining room, my friends overheard the woman saying, “But I only maced her once!”  Curious, they followed behind and sat nearby to eavesdrop on the conversation while security questioned the woman whom they had just sat down in an empty lounge area. 
          Of all the things you could imagine one woman macing another woman for, what do you think this incident was over?  A man, perhaps?  Not even close.  It was over a cup of hot chocolate!  Yes, apparently this woman’s tablemate had drank her hot chocolate at dinner, so she pulled out her pepper spray and maced her with it. 
          Why it didn’t occur to the woman to just order another hot chocolate is beyond me.  What further boggles my mind is why she thought just macing someone once was so much better than having maced her multiple times. 

Book Trailer:

Lori A. Moore is an award-winning author and professor who doesn’t take herself too seriously and believes her greatest gift to be silliness.  A public speaker and consultant, Lori has four graduate degrees in business.  Lori, her husband, and their four-legged child live in Louisville, KY.  An avid traveler, she has explored much of the globe, finding and bringing silliness to all places. 
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