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Veil of Darkness - T.C. Metivier

Veil of Darkness
T.C. Metivier

For eight hundred years, the Federation of Worlds has reigned supreme over the galaxy. Under its banner, eleven sentient races have put aside their quarrels to work towards their common prosperity. But now something stirs. A hundred worlds have broken free from the Federation fold. They have made no demands, no threats. There is no evidence that their movement is anything but benign. And yet the whispers have already begun. Whispers that the fires of revolution have been stoked. Whispers that war is coming. The planet Tellaria is the birthplace of the human race and the backbone of the Federation. Admiral Drogni Ortega leads the finest planetary fighting force the galaxy has ever known. But now he must confront an enemy unlike any he has faced before, a foe who wields ancient power infused with infinite malevolence...and is seemingly determined to exterminate all life from the face of the galaxy.

Please Pass The Books Review:

Veil of Darkness is the first in the science fiction and fantasy series, Chalas Peruvas, by T.C. Metivier. Following eight-hundred years of peace and relative prosperity from eleven different species, the Federation of Worlds—an intergovernmental organization formed to promote intergalactic cooperation—is imperilled when a hundred worlds secede. With the rumbling of war, the Federation is left unprepared and vulnerable for what is to come. The foundation of the Federation is the human planet of Tellaria, where from Drogni Ortega, an admiral at the helm of the Tellarias forces, hails. It falls to Ortega to counter not only a revolution and squash a brutal war, but to face an incomparable adversary, Rokan Sellas, who cleaves the Chalas Peruvas and wields ancient magic against a universe waiting for the prophetic Scions to defeat their common foe.

Layered in spectacular world-building and intricate character development, Veil of Darkness by T.C. Metivier is a story that packs a solid punch. Metivier is a masterful storyteller, constructing the foundation of what one could only predict to be a science-fiction superstructure. Cloaked in fantasy and magic, any reader who flocks toward intelligent fiction will find themselves wholly immersed. Despite covering multiple realms that one could easily be lost in, Veil of Darkness instead offers a dynamic backdrop that's accessible and yielding, complete with an appendix of species for the most apprehensive of readers. This is the first in a series, and a series it certainly requires given the magnitude of its plot. Luckily for his readers, Metivier has already released book two, Chains of Mist, so fans can pick right up where Veil of Darkness leaves off.


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