Friday, 4 November 2016

The Girl From The Sea - Shalini Boland

The Girl From The Sea
Shalini Boland

For fans of Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train

A chilling suspense story of wounded hearts and dark secrets.

Washed up on the beach, she can’t remember who she is. She can’t even remember her name. Turns out, she has an idyllic life – friends and family eager to fill in the blanks.

But why are they lying to her? What don’t they want her to remember?

When you don't even know who you are, how do you know who to trust?

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Please Pass The Books Review:

Firstly, comparing The Girl From The Sea to Gone Girl and/or The Girl On The Train is pretty brazen, and, frankly, readers who enjoyed either of those two books will be woefully disappointed. The Girl From The Sea is interesting and pretty well written on its own, but it isn't even close to the same league as Flynn and Hawkins' multi-layered, thoroughly developed, twisty-turny gems. If Gone Girl and The Girl On The Train are the NFL, The Girl From The Sea is the Junior College Athletic Association. It's good, it's fast, and it's entertaining—but it ain't no NFL.

Glad I got that off of my chest.

So here's how I feel about the book on its own, without the audacious comparisons by its publisher: It's pretty darn good. Shalini Boland has created a tightly written story, woven neatly over an interesting premise. I found Mia kind of difficult to connect with and really one-dimensional, but when I took into account that the novel's outlook is through the eyes of a narrator who probably has as little emotional network as she does actual memories, it was easy to get on board. The Girl From The Sea is fast paced and engaging. It's not going to win a Pulitzer, but is solid and satisfying enough to spend a few hours on the weekend getting washed away with.


I'd like to thank Net Galley and the publisher, Adrenalin Books, for providing a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion, which this certainly is.

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