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Living or Retiring in Mexico - Leo Buijs

Living or Retiring in Mexico
by Leo Buijs

'Living or Retiring in Mexico' is a poignant collection of stories and practical information for anyone that wants to spend more time in Mexico, or would even be considering staying permanently. Written by a seasoned gringo, the book covers Mexican culture and history, how to make it workable, and what to expect in this foreign country and how to deal with it. From bringing goods into Mexico, medical and car insurance or buying property, handling utilities like water and gas to nachos and mescal. Many useful suggestions are shared, even for one who is not planning to be an expat, it’s informative and at times funny to anyone with an interest in Mexico. The 174-page book is a guide for people considering 'living the life', or retiring in Mexico, while seeing their retirement budget gain substantial spending power.

The book is divided into five parts: Introduction, The Fun Part, Food and Beverages, the Not So Fun Part and The Important Stuff. The latter deals with visas, medicals, becoming permanent resident etc. It will give a tremendous insight on 'Life in Mexico' through the eyes of an expat and will help you shape your opinion and decision making about living in Mexico, and figuring out if this would be the right thing for you.

Please Pass The Books Review:

Living or Retiring in Mexico: All You Need to Know Before You Go offers an insider's guide to all things expat, perfect for anyone looking into mid to long-term relocation. Comprehensive in its delivery, Buijs tackles the full-gamut of what to expect and includes a great deal of insight from his own personal experience. With the average age of retirement being pushed further down the road, Mexico, Central and South America have become increasingly popular options for many looking into other viable, sustainable alternatives. I think this book will also be useful to the huge and ever-growing collective of travel bloggers, most of who look for affordable home-bases outside of US and Canada.

For me, the most interesting section covered Mexican holidays. It's fascinating to read about the varied customs, traditions, and both national and religious holidays that the country has on offer. As a frequent tourist and expat myself, I found Buijs' guide to be practical and informative; an excellent stepping stone for anyone considering spending an extended amount of time off of the beaten path.


Born in the Netherlands, Leo Buijs immigrated to Canada in 1978, with his wife and two boys. He used to live in Victoria and moved to Courtenay B.C., where he lives now with his wife and his Dutch Sheepdog Femke.

In 2003 he wrote '50 Best Dog Walks around Victoria' which sold out very quickly including a second print. After his move up-island, the first print of 'Best Dog Walks on Vancouver Island' appeared in 2006 followed by a second print in 2008.

In 2010 he published the very popular 'BEERS of British Columbia,' a book about the then popular and upcoming Craft Beers and Micro-breweries development on the West Coast.

Besides dogs and craft beer, his foremost passion is travel, and he often takes his dog along the way. He also loves to sail and write. In 2015 he dug through thousands of photographs from his extensive travels to put a handsome photo-book together, first in a small format and recently in a larger coffee-table book with twice the number of photographs. 10% of the sales from this book go to UNICEF Canada to support children's poverty.

After his dog-walking books were out of print, the demand did not subside, so in the fall of 2015 he produced an updated and revised version of 'Best Dog Walks on Vancouver Island.' This updated edition is his third of its kind.

Some of his short stories were published in Whistler's ‘Pique Magazine’ and he was a regular contributor to ‘The Gringo Gazette,’ an English language paper in Baja California Sur. In 1999, he was featured in the June issue of ‘Boulevard Magazine,’ with winning photographs from Africa and South America.

In September 2016, he released 'A Taste of Living in Mexico' and in November the full-size book 'Living or Retiring in Mexico' was launched in print and as e-book.

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