Sunday, 28 June 2015

Pursued by a Dragon - Linda K. Hopkins


The book is short and as a voracious reader I finished it on a rainy day (the life of a housewife...not too shabby).

I haven't read the first book but found the story worked as an easy to follow stand alone.

While the book is generally well written, I do think the use of a (better) editor would help it out immensely. There were several mistakes--things like "Bruges" (the city) was spelled "Bruge", never ending sentences, and a paragraph where the word "concern" was used three times. Those things hamper the flow, but weren't as disruptive to my nerves as the overly descriptive word plays. The truth is: someone needs to take the author's thesaurus away. You can really tell when a story comes naturally to an author but the words just don't--and the overuse of the "synonym" key comes into play. That's what this felt like. Strained.

The concept is good and the story moves at a quick pace, although it does end rather abruptly. It's fresh and the medieval setting is wonderful. I actually found myself connecting with the heroine but, as other reviewers have stated, I felt Cathryn was portrayed as a bit of a simpleton against her business persona. The line between who is good and who is bad isn't layered enough to allow a reader to peel through and discover for themselves. Some readers really like being told outright who to like and who to hate. I just happen to not be one of those readers.

I would recommend this book as a fun, light read to anyone facing hours at the DMV, on an airplane, or anywhere else where you need a distraction. A solid three stars.

I was given this book for free in exchange for an honest review.


Amazon Link: Pursued by a Dragon (The Dragon Archives) (Volume 2)

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