Friday, 26 June 2015

To Die For - G.L. Sheridan


To Die For by G.L. Sheridan starts with the introduction of a ragtag crew of intergalactic diplomats, headed by their self proclaimed and sole human leader, Ralf. The groups mission is to make contact with the Nadd-Lini, a species of fish extraterrestrials who live on a planet made desirable by its habitability. The goal is to get the Nadd-Lini to move off of their home planet so humans could move onto it, taking advantage of its oxygen, water, and vegetation. In order to achieve this, the Nadd-Lini must be convinced to move into the “Denner Domes,” which Ralf cleverly code names the “Celestial Palaces” in the hopes of securing the Nadd-Lini's compliance. Ralf—renamed Hok-hok to sound more godlike—and her comrades Kurran, Goat, and Am find themselves in for an awkward negotiation when it all goes wrong with The Chosen One, leader of the Nadd-Lini.

G.L. Sheridan has written a terrifically witty and intelligent short story. To Die For is laden with smart sarcasm and artful characters, their form and personalities as much a part of the adventure as their mission and interaction with the Nadd-Lini. The story opens up a new world—and new universe—full of imagination in an inventive and funny manner. The dialogue is entertaining and the overall story is very easy to read. I would strongly encourage To Die For not only to lovers of fantasy and science fiction, but anyone looking for a good laugh and a wild ride. It may be short in length, but it is astronomic in terms of fun.

I was given a free copy of this short story in exchange for an honest Readers' Favorite review.


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