Sunday, 27 September 2015

Baby, Not Tonight - Dre Sanders


Baby, Not tonight by Dre Sanders is the story of a disheartened and unlucky in love private executive chef named Milla, and her investment banking counterpart, Hunter. After the failure of a five-year relationship with her Parisian boyfriend, Milla's life implodes to a spectacular degree, forcing a move back to New York. Her sous-chef and friend Jake scrambles to help pull her professional life back to some semblance of order, while both he and a sultry minx named Irina offer motley relationship advice. When Hunter enters the equation for a dalliance intended to be anything but a relationship, the pair are catapulted into a madcap arc that is rife with enough satire to keep the pages turning, and just the right amount of heart to make it all endearing.

I loved this book. Every character was fun and each had a very different, very authentic voice throughout the story. The humor is intelligent and lively, marked with punches of dialogue that more often than not had me in stitches. One of the best zingers was when Hunter and his brother Ford were having lunch with their mother, who matter-of-factly proclaims, "When your son passes thirty and has no marriage prospects, people begin to suspect you didn't potty train him properly." I admit that some of the comedy was laced with a couple too many clich├ęd lines, but they did little to detract from the overall story line and the punchiness of the dialogue. I'd be hard-pressed not to jump up and down, waving this book in my fists in front of anyone who is a bonafide fan of chic lit.


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