Sunday, 6 September 2015

The Dark Side of Chemistry - SJ Higgins

The Dark Side of Chemistry by S.J. Higgins kicks off with Skyla and Trent saying goodbye as Trent prepares to leave almost immediately for Afghanistan on a mission involving a military serum trial. The trials are human, tested on active soldiers in actual combat situations, the results of which have an unexpected outcome for Trent in Afghanistan, and Skyla at home. During this, we meet Jenson, who is close to both Trent and Skyla, before the carpet is pulled out from under all three and the real adventure begins. The Dark Side of Chemistry is probably the only cliff-hanger in history that didn't make me angry. Instead, I was fraught for more.

Cleverly written, witty, and impossible to set down, SJ Higgins takes us from punch to punch in her masterful story. The book wraps love, lust, humor, and spine-tingling intrigue into one of the best young thrillers I have read in a while. With believable and authentic characters, realistic and lively dialogue, and an exceptionally unique story arc, I am excited to read book two when it comes out. I particularly enjoyed the character of Skyla's father, also in the military, even though he currently plays only a minor role in the scope of a large-scale story. As for the book as a whole, with a heat factor of about nine out of ten, I wholeheartedly recommend SJ Higgins' The Dark Side of Chemistry to anyone looking for a fast-paced new adult novel with an intelligent rising action, a little bit of love, and a whole lot of steam.

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  1. Detail is comparable to Wilbur Smith,,,well done

    1. What a surprise to find this comment. Thank you so much. You made my day.
      SJ Higgins