Thursday, 8 October 2015

The Silver Butterfly - Uma Mawaery

First of all, let me start by saying the cover is gorgeous. I'm not someone who would generally pluck a fantasy novel off the shelf as a first choice book selection (although I have been known to), but I admit I was drawn in by this one. It got even better once I folded back into the first pages.

I'm of the opinion that books venturing onto the precarious and delicate balance of magic and real life tend to slide towards the unbelievable in either direction. What Mawaery has done in The Silver Butterfly is counterbalance the two to create a story that is both entertaining and convincing, without any sacrifice of real life credibility. Amber is authentic in her pain and her journey is complex, but still measured. She is the every-woman of heartbreak and suffering, with a special and layered connection to the mysteries of the supernatural. She's also funny which, frankly, was the touch a character painted with a less skilled hand might have been lacking. She's likeable and endearing, as are the people who care for her (the Harpers and Deb, in particular). Radley is equally complicated, carrying the yin to Amber's yang brilliantly (and, again, believably). He's a bit of a wild card and it takes some time to feel connected to him, but the development is natural and very well done.

The Silver Butterfly is not a light read and weaves the dark themes of dispossession, suffering, and betrayal with just the right amount of hope to keep the suspense in check. The descriptions are superb and, ultimately, it's the originality of a story that intertwines Amber's paranormal gift and the reality of a young woman's search for what we all desire that makes this book a five-star read.


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