Friday, 2 October 2015

What Makes It Worthy - David Paul Kuhn


In David Paul Kuhn's What Makes It Worthy, we follow political journalists Taylor Solomon and Cait Ellis on the campaign trail of Democratic primary candidate Joseph Girona and the Republican's Constance Wallace. Taylor Solomon is one of the Washington Current's young stars, and Cait Ellis is with the New York Times, forever dogged by the legacy of her retired mother Erin Ellis, a renowned international correspondent. David Paul Kuhn takes us through the meteoric rise of Girona, a Lothario who plucks at American heartstrings as an everyday Joe, and his likeliest opponent in the presidential race, Wallace, a female candidate who evokes hope as a war hero in her party, but who is painted as an affluent, out of touch politician. An ensuing battle consumes the press, fueled by the undercurrent of back room political pandering, and plays out alongside a love story that develops between Taylor and Cait.

David Paul Kuhn's What Makes It Worthy is an engaging, formidable work of fiction that encompasses every aspect of life on a campaign trail from the perspective of both candidate and journalist. From page one, we are sucked into a world of corruption, scandal, and the inner workings of the relationship between politicians and the press. Kuhn's in-depth characterizations make it almost impossible to root for a single candidate, humanizing their perverted notions of right and wrong. Ultimately, we watch one make a spectacular fall with devastating consequences to Taylor and Cait — who each had their own hand to play in this captivating story. I give David Paul Kuhn's What Makes It Worthy a well deserved five stars.


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Written by well-known political journalist David Paul Kuhn, What Makes It Worthy is "a heartfelt page-turner that proves a good novel can both entertain you and inform you," in the words of former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm.

The novel is also perhaps the most accurate depiction yet written about how the relationship between the media and the modern presidential campaign shapes American politics.

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