Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Vessel - Alda Nuvia

Alda Nuvia

A splintering, a rift, the fear of the unknown needling away at the collective whole until, one by one, each man begins to struggle against fragmentation. It is this fear that has led them to war within themselves. It is the fear that has led them to devastate their resources in frantic panic. It is the fear that has led them to their own extinction.

Two species were genetically engineered by the hands of men seeking to heal their rifts in opposite ways.

The Antanku are a tribe of winged natives, surviving in caves far from domed cities and a ravaged, polluted world, struggling to rebuild what is left through natural alchemy.

The Jan Gunnar are a tribe of white winged creatures designed to move naturally amongst industrial civilizations, dominating man as they control the domes and all that survive within them through chemical treatment.

When the world has changed, no longer able to sustain a splintered species like man, these tribes are left to battle for control of the one being that will answer for the unknown at last. The Vessel will come, as she has come again and again throughout time, holding the god, Gaea, safely in her womb. But this time, she will be born as a human, and with her, the guardians, a hybrid, and her murderer.

Please Pass The Books Review:

This is a wildly engaging SciFi novel that strikes a balance between the imaginative and a candid reflection of reality. The characters and backdrops are thoroughly fleshed out and engrossing, and nothing is held back in Nuvia's layered storytelling.

"Now those pools overflowed with the blood of an extinct race. There was no army waiting to protect them. Those monsters were coming after her. And they were alone."

It's impossible to not be drawn into Vessel on both an emotional and intellectual level. While the story itself is complex, the writing is polished and tight. I think readers with find themselves musing over parallels between the story and the implications of our own actions, forcing Vessel into probably one of the highest forms of intelligent fiction.


Using pastiche pop culture references, ink, hi-liters, and scented markers, alda tries to capture that single, fleeting moment of reality we can all anchor to through our ability to relate in the vast unreal that we live in these days

alda is an artist working out of the Capital. alda lives with a cat and a rabbit who hide their mutual disdain in the presence of their feeder/cuddler.

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