Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Cool Kids Wear Glasses - Teddy O'Malley


Cool Kids Wear Glasses is the story of Mandy Harper, the most popular girl in the third grade. She and her three friends don't realize they are actually bullies, telling kids who don't meet their standards that they are not cool. When her teacher Mrs. Snow pulls her aside one day and sends her home with a note recommending an eye test, Mandy has to come to terms with what it really means to be cool.

Teddy O'Malley has written a wonderful children's book in an easy to read, easy to understand narrative. Cool Kids Wear Glasses has exceptional illustrations and I got a kick out of the little messages on signs and posters in the background. The dialogue is modern and current, which will aid in the delivery of the story's moral message in a way they might appreciate. Heck, they might even think it's cool!


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