Friday, 3 July 2015

The Adrenal Experiment (Book One) - Sheri Peckover


Following an accident that he thinks is purely coincidental, Jake Broderick meets the ethereal Dr. Jewel Quasnikoff, the smart and sexy Pacific Research Clinic surgeon. Jake quickly evolves from little more than a prospective specimen in Jewel's eye, to an intern, and then to more. Both Jake and Jewel bring plenty of their own psychological and external issues along the road to romance, but there is more in store for the pair as The Adrenal Experiment races down the corridor of tension, bringing me—the happy reader—along for the ride.

This wasn't a book I would have necessarily chosen had it not come with a good recommendation, but having read it, I am so glad I took the leap beyond my usual genre. With layered characters and detailed development, along with witty dialogue and an engaging storyline, The Adrenal Experiment is another book to add to your beach blanket "must" list this summer.


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