Monday, 13 July 2015

Corridors of My Mind - Angel M.B. Chadwick


Angel M.B. Chadwick's Corridors of My Mind is a poignant collection of poetry, written from the first hand experiences of its talented author. I'm a prolific reader and thought I could read through them at a relatively quick pace. I was wrong.  Chadwick's prose are intense and deeply heart-wrenching, beautiful in their fluidity and realism. Corridors of My Mind is not a work that can be simply read—it is too powerful for that. It's consuming in both its sadness and strength, and you will find yourself engrossed within the very first few lines of Pretty Girl.

I was especially inspired by the poem Never Back Down, one of the shortest poems in this collection. Its condensed length does not curb its heavy energy, but instead enhances the force of the stanzas. Chadwick clearly has an exceptional talent for emotional and gripping composition, and Corridors of My Mind is a testament to that gift. I was moved in ways that I didn't expect, absorbed in this literary marvel where the words flow off the page like gorgeous ballads, and straight into your soul.

"I take the blame; I claim its name; I evoked it, provoked it from whence it came…" ~Mark of the Dark, Corridors of My Mind


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