Sunday, 19 July 2015

Esther - Rebecca Kanner


Synopsis: A girl is ripped from her hut by the king’s brutish warriors and forced to march across blistering, scorched earth to the capitol city. Trapped for months in the splendid cage of the king’s palace, she must avoid the ire of the king’s concubines and eunuchs all while preparing for her one night with the king. Soon the fated night arrives, and she does everything in her power to captivate the king and become his queen.

Review: I really enjoyed this book up until just after Esther became queen. The descriptions were fantastic, the narrative and dialogue were smooth, and there was a lot of intrigue. After her show of strength before the soldiers among flying arrows (which was brilliant), I got bored. I stopped reading at Chapter 38, Dagger Training, because at that point the story just became stale. I know the author is working with a story that already exists, but it just stopped feeling original at that point. Overall the book is good, its inability to hold my attention was simply because I lost interest in a story I have heard retold a dozen times.

I'd like to thank the publisher Howard Books and Net Galley for a free ARC on a read-to-review basis.


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