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Do Paris Like Hemingway - Lena Strand

Do Paris Like Hemingway
Lena Strand  

How to travel in time? Each night at midnight, Owen Wilson's character travels back time in Woody Allen's film 'Midnight in Paris'. He meets Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Ernest Hemingway, Man Ray, Josephine Baker, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Gertrude Stein and many other famous artists that lived in Paris in the dawn of the 20th Century. When seeing the film a few years ago I started to wonder where all the artists used to hang out. Was it still possible to go to these places? Later on and after a little research I found out that many of the places where still open! Even if time has passed by in Paris a lot of bars, restaurants and hotels from that period of time haven't changed and are still around to be re-discovered. In this book you will find a selection of those places with their history and a list of Paris' art museums, altogether over 75 places.

Please Pass The Books Review:

Do Paris like Hemingway by Lena Strand (Books and Paris) is a guide to Paris' historic artist haunts. Oscar Wilde, Van Gogh, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Picasso, Renior, and –of course—Hemingway, along with a long list of other artisans, are all represented as Strand takes us back in time without having to leave the Paris of today. Restaurants, hotels, cafes, and shops where iconic artists ate, socialized, shopped, laid their heads, and even passed away are featured. Along with the locations themselves, Strand provides interesting and informative descriptions of these encounters, presented next to photos and factual tidbits. The book is organized by locale as opposed to artist, making it wonderfully easy to flip through to find a hotel or a place to eat by chapter. It also has a compiled list of places to view art, and as one might imagine, there's no shortage in Paris.

This is a travel guide for the artisan groupie, and perfect for anyone who is passionate about the art scene of yesteryear. I'm reminded of those who follow their favourite rock band around on tour, and could absolutely see myself spending a week in Paris –as a devotee to classical writers and painters—with Lena Strand's Do Paris like Hemingway clutched in my hand. I have had lunch in the Cafe de la Paix, without having any clue that Hemingway had a Christmas Eve dinner there and had to rush out and back because he didn't have enough to pay the bill. I would enthusiastically recommend this book for any travel or art enthusiast—and probably even those who aren't, as this little compilation is fun to simply flip through, immersing yourself in the past with amusing details of those who helped shape our world today.


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