Tuesday, 30 August 2016

The Sign of Change - H. El-Tahwagi

The Sign of Change 
H. El-Tahwagi 

France, 1783-
A hasty decision makes Lilette Fleur Moineau, a farmer's daughter, scrutinize what she really wants. Is she satisfied with her affluent life in Versailles, or does she want to return to the love of her life and join the uprising rebellion against the King? When the secrets of her husband unfold before her, she realizes that change is a prerequisite for freedom.

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Please Pass The Books Review:

Well—THAT hit the sweet spot!  Versailles? Rebellion? Secrets and deception? Check, check, check…The Sign of Change has them all.

Although she comes across initially as painfully naïve, the complexities of Lilette's nature blossom as the story progresses.  As much as Lilette, Lord Joseph de Bonveleur, Jerome and the other characters play their roles, the time and settings are almost characters themselves—wholly engrossing and tantamount to a tightly written plot [and all wrapped up in ribbons of symbolism].

If this is truly El-Tahwagi's debut novel, it will be exciting to see where this author goes next.


I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review, which this certainly is.

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