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#Loneliness: The Virus of the Modern Age - Tony Jeton Selimi

#Loneliness: The Virus of the Modern Age
Tony Jeton Selimi

So connected, yet desperately alone.

We have become accustomed to a new way of being alone together in a technological cocoon that covers up our real pain. Our true essence is hidden behind facades that we show to the world from the fear of being judged, criticized, and rejected. This is what brings us out of a natural state of healthy balance, is the root cause of disease, and what creates the segregation experienced worldwide.

#Loneliness is a global call for people to redefine themselves in the face of life's greatest challenges. Comforting, moving, and spiritually practical, this book is a guide to help people break through their apparent loneliness, and shift them toward crowd-nurtured world peace and the next stage in our evolution.

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#Loneliness: The Virus of the Modern Age by Tony Jeton Selimi begins with the memoirs of its author, born in the former, pre-war Yugoslavia. He shares an upbringing that encompasses everything we fear a child might experience, but pray they will not—physical disabilities and sexual abuse. As a teenager, he is front and center during the war and subsequent dissolution of Yugoslavia, resulting in his emigration to the United Kingdom. After a rocky start inflamed by homelessness and financial difficulty, and an unfortunate marriage where an inner conflict of sexual identity rages, Selimi finds his feet—and his voice—making a bold professional and personal move that alters everything. Readers are then versed in the scientific evolution of loneliness, a breakdown of how and what impacts it, and where we can make proactive, positive changes that not only help us individually, but have wide-reaching global impact.

When I first picked up #Loneliness: The Virus of the Modern Age by Tony Jeton Selimi, I was expecting little more than a run-of-the-mill self-help tutorial. This presumption was further aided by the first twelve pages, which consist solely of praise for the book. As a lay reader wanting to get to the meat, I powered through and was thoroughly rewarded by what came next. First of all, Selimi's story is heartbreaking. It is powerful and poignant enough to be a stand-alone book, but is fundamental to the theories he presents afterward. The struggles and the situations he rises from—which feel desperately hopeless—lend to his credibility far more than any educational acronym found after the names of most self-help authors. When the story is told, the subsequent theories are supported by facts and evidence, in addition to Selimi's applied knowledge. This is done with a clear desire to reach the reader on a human level, and feels more like a conversation with a friend. I recommend #Loneliness: The Virus of the Modern Age to anyone who has experienced any form of loneliness, and/or has been sucked into "Facebook envy" or other feelings of unworthiness fueled by the artificial, manipulative world we find ourselves in today.


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Waking up to war, living on the streets of London, climbing the corporate ladder, to award winning and bestselling author, Tony J Selimi is internationally known as the human behavior, cognition and emotional intelligence expert to Celebrities, MPs, Dr's, Scientists, Therapists, Coaches, Healers, PT's, Entrepreneurs, Leaders and Senior Executives of companies such as Microsoft, SAP, Bank of America, Ignis Asset Management, Deutsche Bank, Ernest & Young, Santander, Vandercom and Mishcon de Reya across EMEA, Asia and USA.

Tony helps people increase their productivity, longevity, balance their perceptions, and master their emotions so that they purposely move forward. Like a transparent mirror Tony is known for his ability to see through people's problems, behaviors, thought patterns, and dis-empowering beliefs and help them rid themselves from lies that conceal their inner truth. He assists people to find the answers and solutions to life's obstacles, clarify their values, and cope better with their daily pressures, demands, and life's obstacles. Tony helps people get to the root cause of their issues, clarify and expand their life's vision and mission, and assist them in unleashing their interstellar existence.

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  1. Thank you for your time, your love, and your wisdom. Thank you for reviewing #Loneliness and sharing it with the world and supporting me on this global mission to bring light, love, and wisdom to one billion people globally. We are stronger, better, and wiser when we collaborate, share, care, and love ourselves and one another. Collectively we can tackle all of the planets issues that we collectively have created so far. I love you and thank you.