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An Author's Inspiration - Guest Post by Claire Granger

My Inspiration for Kenna’s Reverie

by Claire Granger, author of Kenna's Reverie

When I wrote When Faults Collide, most people (including me!) thought I would take a little break before diving back into another project. It was a really intense project for me, and it carries a powerful message that I really wanted my readers to “get”.

One day I was chatting with my designer and long-time bestie, and she was sort of mocking my taste in smutty books. I commented that it was just a fantasy and would never carry over into the real world. Like, could you imagine if some alpha male fell for a single mom? How would that work out? That would be hilarious!

Thus, Kenna’s Reverie was born.

I decided as I was writing When Faults Collide that all future series would have crossover characters and all be a part of the same “world” even if they are different stories. So I already had a base idea for how to allow the story to play out.

I opted to make it a novella series because I wanted to be able to get it out and to give readers a fun break without taking too much time.

Writing it was genuinely therapy for me. My husband thought I was losing my mind slowly, as I’m snort laughing while writing and would talk to myself and my characters while furiously typing away.

There are some serious undertones (there had to be in order to have characters from the Faultlines series!) but overall it was a fun, witty, and sexy piece meant to bring laughter and light heartedness.

I hope that you will love reading it as much as I loved writing it! :)

Kennas Reverie banner

Kennas ReverieKenna’s Reverie (Daydreaming #1)
by Claire Granger
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Romantic Comedy
Age category: Adult
Release Date: August 1, 2015

Kenna is a pretty typical single mom. She takes her 5 kids to dance, soccer, and scouts. She just happens to make her living as an erotic book blogger. She has accepted the fact that she will probably always be single, until her dream fantasy man is sitting right in front of her.

Jax likes control. He's never considered love or romance as an option, just as a necessary means to win a woman he's interested in. So when he eyes a beautiful woman at a coffee shop and can't stop thinking about her, he wonders what he has to do to possess her.

This is the hilarious story of two people who in a world of dreams are made for each other, but in reality could not be more incompatible. Will they find a way to make the dreams that live in their fantasies real, or are they destined to live without each other?

Author's Note:
The Daydreaming novella series takes place in the same world as the Faultlines series and while there are many crossover elements, it is not the same story or direct sequel. While readers of that series will enjoy seeing characters in this series, you do not need to read one to read the other because it is not a direct sequel. This series is more erotic in nature, with lots of sexual situations, as well as a rather colorful choice of the English language (read- there's a lot of swearing), so please note that this book is for mature audiences.

You can find Kenna’s Reverie on Goodreads

Claire GrangerAbout the Author:
Claire grew up in Texas, but her family moved to Virginia in 2001. She now resides in Richmond with her husband, 4 children (2 sets of twins!), and their fur babies.

She blogs over at The Granger Bunch and has her first novel releasing this summer! "When Faults Collide" is a contemporary romance, the first of the "Faultlines" series! She is already working on book two of the series as well as a non fiction and a few other exciting projects!

She is passionate about racial identity and equality issues, foster care, adoption, and non-profits that work to help victims of sexual assault and trafficking.

She is shamelessly addicted to romance, erotica, dark/twisted/taboo, smutty, sexy, anti-hero, flawed hero, controlling, mind blowing books! Basically everything that would make her mother cry. ;)

She loves hearing from her readers- it keeps her going! Thank you so much for all of your continued support! <3

You can find and contact Claire here:
- Website
- Facebook
- Twitter
- Goodreads
- Instagram

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