Saturday, 22 August 2015

Unexpectedly Expecting - Sophia Labonte


After a heartbursting breakup, Sandra allows her friends to whisk her away to the Bahamas so she can nurse her wounds and move forward. The trip turns out to be just what she needs, and Thomas—a successful and sexy Brit—turns up at just the right moment. Convinced he was nothing more than a passionate one-night stand, she tosses his contact details and heads home to Toronto. It isn't until a few months later that she realizes the error of this decision, when she bumps into him, pregnant with his child and seeing how caring of a man he truly is. Alas, he is in a serious relationship with a stunning fashion icon and model named Tiffany, who wields a heavy hand over Thomas and, in turn, Sandra, in a love triangle that makes for a highly entertaining read.

This was a cute and diverting story, and I had a lot of fun reading it. If you are looking for a playful read while relaxing on your beach blanket this summer, you'll certainly find it in Unexpectedly Expecting.


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