Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Sophia of Suffolk - Jamie Michele


by Jamie Michele

Available in eBook & Paperback
352 Pages
Historical Fiction (clean)


One heiress.

Three guardians.

The possibilities—and difficulties—seem endless.

Sophia Bexley, an orphaned heiress, is forced to leave her beloved Suffolk at the bidding of her guardians. With a heart for philanthropy and a mind to make a difference, she waits only for the day she reaches her majority to claim her rightful inheritance and pursue her dreams.

She has eight months remaining until she can take control of her own wealth and way of life.
But that may come too late.

Thrust onto London's vast social scene, she is chased by fortune hunters, ruled by inadequate guardians, and swept up in a sea of deceit.

Will she survive the remainder of her minority with her fortune and reputation intact? Or will the machinations and conceit of the people meant to protect her force her into ruin?

Set upon the dawn of the expanded Regency era in 1795 Georgian London, Sophia of Suffolk is a three part series following the life, love, and trials of Sophia Bexley.


This book was an emotional rollercoaster (in a great way). I was conflicted on my feelings for the heroine because she is really someone you like, but she gets sucked into some on the crappiest situations you want to pull her aside and ask, "What the heck are you doing?!?!"

I thought I was buying a cute little Regency romance but this turned out to be a dramatic epic, and I have been sucked in. I will absolutely be reading book two. Five stars, without question. Exceptional.



Jamie Michele is a San Francisco born author who fell in love with a Londoner and promptly moved to England. When not writing, she can usually be found on a picnic blanket in Bath, reading on the lawn out front of the Royal Crescent.

For more information visit Jamie Michele on Author Central and Goodreads.

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