Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Come And Take It - Landon Wallace

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Dancing between past and present, the Alamo comes to life with the story behind a treasure and the search for it in Landon Wallace's debut novel, Come and Take It. A ninety-three year old World War II war hero, Joe Travis, is murdered in his home by two intruders attempting to rob him of a mysterious family legacy—one only Joe Travis thought he knew about. At his grandfather's funeral, Nat Travis is pulled aside by an old friend of Joe's, Sergeant Anthony Ambrose, who enlightens him on some Travis family history and hints at a secret long held by Nat's grandfather. What Nat and his brother's ex-wife, Renee, uncover from there leads them on a dangerous search for answers, one where past and present converge, presenting itself alongside an unlikely romance.

Come and Take It is a wonderfully written story about love, loss, and both the history of a family and a nation. The adventure itself is riveting, but for me, it was the story of Joe the Slave and Landon Wallace's portrayal of Texas' days of yore that hooked me in. The characters are wholly authentic with dialogue that is natural and believable. Despite being fiction, Come and Take It unfolds before you, and even the nasty Kruger becomes a character you want to know more about. Aside from the history and mystery, there is also a love story afoot. With a less skilled writer the taboo attachment might come off as gaudy, but Wallace narrates with such compassion and delicate maneuvering, it is impossible not to root them on entirely. This book ticks all the boxes and is highly recommended to lovers of mystery, action, adventure, history, and romance.

Reviewed for Readers' Favorite.


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