Friday, 14 August 2015

The Cobblepotts - Bill Jacks


Patty Cobblepott makes her way to the prison to collect her husband, Otis, following a two-month incarceration—an incarceration for a string of offenses she actually committed. While waiting for her beloved (or, more accurately, hazing in and out of cognizance), she lapses into scenes of their life together and how they came to meet.

Bill Jacks has written an entertaining piece of hayseed satire with his short story, Confederate Chipmunks & Carny Cooter (The Cobblepotts Book 1). Brash, offensive, and laden with every conceivable hillbilly stereotype, Bill Jacks did not write this for those with any politically correct sensibilities. Confederate Chipmunks & Carny Cooter is clever and witty, even if it is sometimes hampered with awkward grammar and clichés. Still, Jacks breathes an intelligent sense of humor into the story, bringing Patty and Otis to life. Every one of Patty's recollections—as well as Patty and Otis themselves—are easy to visualize within a descriptive and playful story that is sure to amuse.


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